Have you ever felt “mom guilt” that your baby isn’t “normal” or sleeping like other babies do? Is it affecting your sleep? You are not alone! Sleep consultants have done the research for you and can help set up consistent routines and environments to develop patterns that are right for you and your baby.

Lily Shares:

  • Get help. You aren’t alone with this and if you are struggling to get enough sleep there is help -sleep is cyclical. Growth patterns and healthy sleep patterns usually means wake/sleep rhythms through the night, even as adults.
  • A sleep consultant has done the research for you. It’s one thing off a tired parents to-do list when the work has been done for you and you simply work together.
  • Babies are not born with their circadian rhythm developed. They also have their own individual temperament. How we set them up consistent routines and calming environment effects their sleep patterns.

My favorite part of the conversation is when Lily shared how we all have sleep cycles of wake/sleep through the night. No one actually sleeps through the night, but wakes and goes back to sleep multiple times. It may just be unnoticed.

 Tools you can add to your toolbox after this episode:

  • Setting up the sleep environment for your baby that works best
  • Determining what sleep looks like for you
  • How a sleep consultant can help with an unbiased support for reaching your sleep goals for your baby

Meet Lily Horbatiuk

I help coaches, consultants and creatives build profitable businesses that light them up.

  • I’m a mom of two babies – 22 months apart – and sleep saved my life (and sanity)!

  • I’m a Toronto-based paediatric sleep consultant. I provide customized sleep solutions – that are family centred and evidence-based.

  • It was my own experience with sleep deprivation that led me to research and study sleep – it changed my perspective so profoundly that I created this business to help other families (like yours!) get the sleep they so desperately need.

  • I always get my best business ideas while travelling!



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