Have you struggled with balancing who you are as an individual/professional versus who you are as a mom? It’s not uncommon to devote so much energy to parenthood that we lose touch with ourselves. Becoming a mother is an evolution. We can lose ourselves or find ourselves throughout it.

Aga shares:

  • Regardless of what we have achieved, becoming a mom is unique and a process of unbecoming in many ways.

My favorite part of the conversation is when Aga shared how her ego was wrapped up in her professional identity but as she let that go and change, she found new interests and identity in what she does today.

 Tools you can add to your toolbox after this episode:

  • Prioritizing time to recharge who you are with what you love.
  • Learning to fall in love with yourself and find your identity, wether it be as a mother or other passions and pursuits.

Meet Aga Lawrynowicz

I am a mentor, strategist, and certified Life Coach on a mission to help mothers get back time, live on purpose, and continue being a great mom along the way.

Why moms?

Becoming a mom was my biggest transition yet, and it’s one that really threw me off. I wasn’t sure how to integrate my previous life as a career woman in the oil & gas industry traveling the world with my new role as a stay-at-home mom.

Life is all about transitions. Sometimes they are forced upon us by events beyond our control. And sometimes we actively choose transitions, such as choosing to partner, moving to a new city, finding a better job, or even having kids. But whether we choose them or they are chosen for us, transitions almost always ask us to redefine who we are, to integrate who’ve we become, and re-find our sense of belonging.

They’re pretty boring, and maybe even messy, but if you would like to read the unedited show transcripts they’re available for you