Are you overwhelmed by the thought of improving your hormone and fertility health? It doesn’t have to be complicated; start by learning to listen to what your body is saying is an excellent place to start, and remember that trying to tackle everything at once isn’t the best way to approach healing.

Dr. Heather shares:

  • Having a team of health professionals as opposed to only working with one person is important. No one specializes in everything.
  • Mindset plays a huge role in your success, wether it’s weight loss or fertility or just feeling better.
  • Know your end goal. What basic steps will move you forward? Simple daily choices add up to big results

My favorite part of the conversation is when Dr. Heather talked about how it can feel very overwhelming when going through any process involving our hormones or fertility health. Trying to tackle all the things isn’t the best way to approach healing.

 Tools you can add to your toolbox after this episode:

  • How to take the first step to knowing what you want and need for your hormone health.

Meet Dr. Heather Rhodes

I am a pharmacist with a passion for empowering women to learn, listen, and heal their bodies in ways that are natural AND practical. 

I’m here to replace Dr. Google and provide you with the education and resources you need to finally take control of your body by balancing and healing your hormones once and for all. As a member of your tribe, we’ll navigate this journey together as we relive symptoms, reach goals, and reset our bodies through realistic diet and lifestyle strategies!

They’re pretty boring, and maybe even messy, but if you would like to read the unedited show transcripts they’re available for you