If you’ve suffered a loss and are experiencing grief, yet continue to struggle with the healing process, this episode is for you. There are so many takeaways in uncomfortable experiences, and my guest Sharma Southan, a pregnancy loss coach, will help you learn how to sift through it all. We cover how emotions can translate into physical symptoms, the reality of generational trauma, and so much more.

Sharna Shares:

  • Your feelings often translate into physical symptoms. Listen to your body and your mind as they often speak through each other. 
  • It’s not only your ability, but your duty to recognize generational trauma and put a stop to it.
  • Trauma can hold important takeaways and lessons that are important to not ignore. 


Meet Sharna Southan

Sharna Southan is a Life Coach & Self Healing Spiral Practitioner. Sharna is a beautiful Mum to a toddler, her rainbow baby, a loving Wife of 14years, a business owner with her husband and is a Soul led Entrepreneur. Following her heart and soul into business, Sharna founded The Institute of Healing through Pregnancy Loss to help guide and support women through Pregnancy Loss after her own Miscarriage in 2017.

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