Have you had difficulty conceiving your second child? So many women assume that just because they were able to get pregnant before, they will always be able to. That is often not the case. Listen in to learn about nutritional support for setting the groundwork for healthy fertility and hormones.

Jenifer Shares:

  • The numbers of secondary infertility account for one of the largest portion of all cases.

My favorite part of the conversation is when we discuss the importance of community when you’re going through fertility issues, specifically for moms who already have children. We often feel we should just be happy we’ve been able to have a child in the past and are sometimes shut out of fertility communities because of this.


 Tools you can add to your toolbox after this episode:

  • Nutritional support for setting the groundwork with healthy fertility and hormones

Meet Jennifer Redmond

I’m an integrative nutrition coach and fertility expert who has worked in the fertility field for more than 15 years. I’m also a former fertility patient. I’ve helped many women just like you take a 360° view of their wellness to boost fertility and feel deeply supported in the process. My coaching philosophy stems from my belief that fertility is more than your reproductive system.

There’s a reason that infertility is often compared to a roller coaster ride. You’re not the only one going up that hill, but your experience is solitary and unique. It’s an uphill climb. You’re up, you’re down, there are twists and turns. There might be some screaming involved. It kind of f*cks with your head. I work with you to boost fertility, reduce stress and feel in control.

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