Swaddling can be so calming and secure for infants, but we often see it as restrictive from an adult perspective. Remember, they were snugly wrapped in your womb for nine months! Enter Liz Hilton: a one-woman show with a revolutionary invention to make the perfect swaddle!

Liz Shares:

  • A tour of her state of the art workshop

My favorite part of the conversation how Liz is a one woman show with her invention! Made literally in-house with state of the art equipment and expertise means no sweatshop products.

 Tools you can add to your toolbox after this episode:

  • A safe and effective swaddle unlike any other

Meet Liz Hilton

For new mother, Liz Hilton inventing a superior swaddle solution which could be escape-proof, soft, stretchy, breathable, safe, and comfortable became her number one priority. Hilton used her company KNITit to develop and manufacture her swaddle design called the Swaddelini. Hilton is a 3D knitting expert and used her CNC knitting machines to create the Swaddelini in one single seamless process. 

The Swaddelini features trademarked Hug Technology® delivering the sensation of a hug all night long. This feature was inspired by Hilton’s work creating compression garments for children with lymphedema and cerebral palsy.



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