A concise list of Holly’s top 5 tips for healthy fertility. Some of this is easy ditch and switch, some not so much. 1. Mindset & clearing emotional blocks 2. Clearing toxins in your home, especially feminine hygene products(this is a big one!) 3. Reduce inflammation 4. Clear the confusion – get a baseline test of your hormones, toxins, food sensitivity 5. Clearing expectations of you and your partner. But its not all or nothing – Do what works for you!

Meet Holly Lo

Holly is the proud mama of three oil babies ranging in age from 7-13 years. She combined her passion for safe pregnancy and birth knowledge with her own parenting experiences to create Oil Babies. She was introduced to dōTERRA when her baby daughter was struggling with her health and found they had great results with the oils. Over the past 20 years Holly has been a professional figure skating coach, and early childhood educator, a certified labour doula and childbirth educator. Natural living has been a passion of hers for many years and has dedicated herself to always learning. Holly is one of the Canadian Founders for Doterra and is a Presidential Diamond leader with teams of essential oil professionals all over the world under her guidance. When it was time to slow down an active travel and speaking schedule, she focused in on creating a podcast dedicated to the in’s & out’s of motherhood called The Momdaze Podcast, as well as bringing Oil Babies shop online. She is currently working on her second Oil Babies book, along with a children’s series co-created by her own kids. She currently lives in beautiful Wasaga Beach, ON with her husband Gabriel and kids Zachariah, Emma, and Ashton (and three chickens and a turtle!)

They’re pretty boring, and maybe even messy, but if you would like to read the unedited show transcripts they’re available for you