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Welcome, we are having an amazing day. So far, I am having an amazing day. So far, I hope you all are as well, I have the privilege of interviewing one of my great friends. So this is kind of fun. Because we work together we play together. And she’s such an inspiration to me in a lot of aspects of my life. And, you know, we could go on all day about all the ways that you’ve supported me, even in life in general. So let me introduce you to my good friend, Kimberly medusas. And a quick recap of some of the things you’ve done in your life. Oh my gosh, like you have a big list. But former CPA tax specialist, I still come to her with my tax questions, because she makes it makes sense. I know you’re probably like, please, no more tax question. No, you’re really good at it. So it’s kind of a gift, right? And now turned into natural health entrepreneur, which I know well, you are brilliant at what you do leading 1000s in your business, and 1000s more customers all around the world. And now again, adding on to that with another passion of yours and specialty is your abundance coaching. And I’m so, so fascinated by this in a way because it’s such a needed thing for us, as women for sure. But really, for a lot of people honestly, it’s it’s not I don’t think it’s gender specific to be to be fair, and and then on top of all that you’re homeschooling mama as well. So I can relate to some of those challenges that come into running a business, running a big business and launching things and keeping home life running and the insanity of that sometimes, too. So welcome. Thank you for joining us. I’m gonna let you go on you can share anything more beyond that if you’d like to. And then we’re going to get into it as some fun questions as we go. Oh, it’s


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So I want to know a little bit more about this abundance courses and the things that you’re doing. But first, let’s talk because we’re we’re talking to stress out moms we’re talking to everyday moms like you and I doesn’t matter if we’ve accomplished the world. If we’re moms and we are literally just trying to go day by day and do the best job we can. There’s a lot of stress involved in that. And we’re in a time when honestly, the stress has gone to another level in life in general. But trying to do the best by our kids is really hard. So give me a little bit of your story about how you went from juggling. I mean, I know you were working in a huge firm in Toronto, I believe, as a tech specialist, you went from that raising your children. And now even having children a little later in life too. And all that transition. So share a little snippet of what that looked like for you going from that to this.



Yeah, it’s been such a big journey. And sometimes when I reflect back, it seems like a whole other world, right. But it’s just been such an incredible journey. And as I look back, you know, I had the days of having three small children, homeschooling them at home, feeling like, you know, I didn’t have much future I was just like a mom and stressed and like a big deal was when I got out to go grocery shopping, and maybe in the odd time we could exercise, you know, but like dressing up was when I wasn’t wearing track pants. You know, it was like, you know, I remember those days, like it’s not that it’s that long ago that even though it’s another world now, I still remember it very, very clearly. And I remember feeling like you know, my best years were kind of behind me for for so many of that period of time and and then I went back to work for a period of time and I was really grateful because even though it was difficult to transition back into work, because sometimes when you’ve left your job to stay home and you go back to work, you forget that you still have value. I mean, it was you know, one of the top scores on the CPA exams, you graduated the master’s degree but somehow you Forget your value when you’re sitting at home. And you think that you know, as long as you know how to bake muffins, and you’re doing good. And so going back into the working world was a huge transition. But you know, I had it all, you know, I had the window office, I had a staff under me, I had a six figure income, I had all the benefits. But what I was missing was feeling like I was really creating the value that I really felt like I was meant to create, you know, life to me was happening on the other side of the window where I would watch people and I would watch families and I’m thinking I want to be out there. I don’t want to be in here. And so when I made the transition to leave that I didn’t even know where I was going, I didn’t even I would I didn’t leave my job to become an entrepreneur, I loved my job because I needed more. And I didn’t know what the more was. And I remember the last day of my job writing on the whiteboard, the poem a road less traveled. And for those of you who know, you remember the last stanza is, you know, Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and I, I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference. And so then I went into the unknown and, and then I meet a lady named Holly. And she transforms my world with this company called doTERRA. And so I’m really really blessed, grateful, amazed. But Wow, what a journey. It’s been.



Absolutely. Oh my gosh, yeah. And I love that you said that watching other people, right? And we do that. I think as moms, we’re kind of just wired to go, what else is there? Right? What are you doing? How is this working? I mean, I just posted something out on Facebook today saying, Look, I’m at my wit’s end with my one kid, how are you handling this kind of situation? And I got all my mama friends, my whole tribe going, Oh, we got it. Yeah, we’ve been there. We’ve done that. Here’s some ideas. I love that we can you know, mastermind has moms. But there are points in your life where I think we look around and go, I’m missing something, right? Like, this isn’t exactly what I was created to do. Or there are these moments where this little bell goes off, or you have this little warm glow that shows up in your like, while you’re doing something you really love. And you think, why can’t I do this all the time? Or? or Why couldn’t I live like that. And I love that you share that because it’s true, we can definitely kind of get in that that rut get stuck in that place of just mom. Now that’s not to say being just mom is any less important. I mean, oh my gosh, the moms who dedicate their lives to being mom, and that fills you. And that is what that was my life goal was to be a mom. And I feel very fulfilled in that role. That’s fantastic. But I love where you’re going with the abundance side of things, too. So can you share a little bit about that, like where that has transitioned for you? And what that means? What does it mean to find your abundance or live your abundance?



Yeah, I’m going to talk about that. But I felt like I wanted to say something else. Yeah, what you just said about, you know, the just mom, it really, really, really hit me. I remember when I first left work the first time I was going home, and people would ask me, you know, what, what do you do for a living? And I would say, Well, I’m a CPA, I’m a tax specialist. I’m a senior corporate tax manager. Oh, but I’m staying home right now. You know, it felt like I had to kind of justify my existence with something other than the fact that I was a mom. And it was really a healing journey for me to really embrace the fact that being a mom is pretty awesome. And I’ll tell you what I got real good perspective on that is that when I left my job that second time, and I went to look for the more Well, I got pregnant, oops. And so hearing was holding this little child, his newborn baby in my hand, wow, I had another son that was just leaving my house to go to university. And I thought, wow, that time went like that. It was so fast. And it really gives you perspective. You know, what, all of the the years that I spent in the office, what did it matter? When you know, here my son was leaving and the questions that go through your head? Or did I do enough? You know, was I was I was investing in that relationship enough. And all those things go through your mind? And I don’t think you can ever answer that question with enough. You have to just say, Yeah, I did my best. But at the same time, it’s like, it became really clear what was important to me. So



absolutely, yeah, and I think that’s true because we can as mums kind of go either way we can either go with I’m just a mom and my value is low. Right? Or I don’t really do much, or I’m you know, I I’m doing my best but I really feel like there’s more for me, there’s more to my life. We can have both. We can I really 100% believe there’s nothing wrong with wanting more and there’s nothing wrong with desiring that and following through on that and still being a great mom. That’s the beauty of it is you don’t have to be stuck in a feeling of I’m not fulfilling my destiny. Or I am just fulfilling my mom destiny right. It’s hard to kind of put that in words but so yeah, go on with what you’re going to share by abundance because I love that this



is part of that vision part. Have that idea for moms that we can evolve a little bit too, we can we can evolve and we can become living in the abundance that was intended for us. So the way I kind of was struck with this message of abundance was, it was more of a reflective time I was trying to write a customer education program. And my goal was to help those people who would come to me and they would have this laundry list of issues like I’ve got, you know, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and you know, chronic chronic pain, and I have zema, and I have digestive issues and chronic headaches, and this is just one person. And then they would always ask me the question, what oil do I use? And I’m like, Oh, well, you are getting a lot out of an oil, you know, that was a lifetime of choices you made, you can’t undo it with an oil. And I really wanted them to understand something about what it means to to really deal with health issues at a kind of holistic level. And so it was during that period of time that I started thinking to myself, Oh, here I am 50 years old. Now. I’m 51. But the time I was turning 50. And I thought I’ve never felt more abundant in my physical health, my emotional health, my financial health, my spiritual health. Why is it that I you know, now that I’m supposed to be older and old, maybe compared to some people? Why is it the now I feel more abundant? Isn’t it supposed to be that as you get older, you get worse. And I realized that the reason why I was living in that abundance was because I embraced certain principles, I believe certain principles, and I actually acted on them. And as I did, then I could achieve the abundance that I have. But that was encouraging, not just for me, because if it was just that I was lucky, like I was just one of those people that just happened to be lucky, you know, know that you’re 51 and you, you feel great look great, good for you. But sucks to be me, right? But if it was something that I applied and their principles that I learned, then I could teach those principles and if I could teach those principles and others could learn, and they could also achieve abundance. And so that’s what started me on my abundance journey.



I love that. As you get older, you’re supposed to get worse. I like that. I sure hope not. I think we’re getting better as we go.



Probably better with age, right?



That’s what I was gonna say is, it’s amazing because it is the wisdom of I’ve noticed from turning, I’m not 40 anymore, I’m beyond that. But when I turned 40, once I hit my 40s I went, there is this switch that literally, for me anyway, kind of flipped on where I went, that there’s a whole lot of stuff we worried about in our 20s and 30s that no longer matter what, that doesn’t even matter anymore. But you do hopefully, as you’ve had some of these experience in these journeys, and you’ve definitely had that in your life, you glean that wisdom, right? You start to understand your value. I just wish it didn’t take us so long to get. Right. And I and this is what I love about what you’re doing is hopefully with you know, at any age people taking this course or learning from you, or any of this diving into what it means to live abundantly learn this younger, right? Like, I wish my 20 or 25 year old self had understood this. And some of it does have to come with age, it really does. It’s just experience in life. But why not? Why not? Younger, right? Why aren’t I’m teaching this to my kids now about at their level, you know about honoring themselves and taking care of themselves and how you can have an abundant life at any age. So I love that. That’s that’s a focus for you at this point. But I think if we can get that to any age, right? It’s



hard early.



Yeah. So is that



something would you say? Is that something that you can learn even in your 20s and 30s for all of our mamas who are just even maybe starting out? Is this something that they can still learn and apply earlier?



Oh, yeah, it sure is. And here’s the thing is, like, I believe I didn’t talk about my background, but I had a pretty rough background, right. So I had a lot of things that I needed to overcome, you know, physically because of the lifestyle that I kind of came out of, and emotionally and a lot of abuse and all of that kind of stuff. So I had a lot of things to overcome, and everybody can overcome. That’s the good news. But you know, I think part of the reason why it took me so long is because I had so much wounding and I didn’t feel like I had that, you know, that education, that knowledge, that ability to know that there was something better. But if somebody could know that, I mean, like you said, If only my 25 year old self would grab hold of this truth and start applying it now. Why wait, you know, start applying it as soon as possible. But these principles are universal. They’re there for all ages for all people. And in thankfully, yes, not just for women.



It’s true. I think the focus being that I think as women we tend to undervalue ourselves a human right. And like we were saying, it tends to be something that we fall into either a role or we kind of pigeonhole ourselves. Like I am a CPA. I am a entrepreneur. I am just this way I was right. For the longest time before I started into natural health and working with oils and doTERRA, I actually really struggled to have an answer to that question of what do you do? Because I was trying to do everything. Yeah, my resume was ridiculous. I was certified everything I could find. And that was and that was just me trying to find my thing, trying to find what lit me up. And so I, it took me that many years, it took me years and years of caring for other people’s kids before I had my own. And knowing that that’s what I wanted in my life, I wanted to be a mom, I don’t want to have children, but then I accomplished that and went, Oh, there’s still more to me. I actually really good at other things, I there is more that I could do with my life. And my health. And that’s, that’s where a lot of this in our journey kind of came together to, you know, we need to be able to take care of ourselves and not just have abundance in our finances or abundance in the things that we think of practically, but in our spirits and in our our lifestyles. And yeah, so I would love to know, if there was something you could tell your 25 year old self, then what would you say now, like, I do this to my kids all the time. I’m like, I interview them at different birthdays and different ages. It’s kind of fun. We do little video interviews. And I’m like, What do you want to tell your 20 year old self? What do you want to tell your? You have kids? Now? What do you want to tell your parents? I know we have fun. It’s quite hilarious listening to the six year old answers, but they’re gonna be they’re gonna be fun someday to replay. So what would you say? What would you say if you could talk to yourself again, in a place of maybe in a place of being more whole and healed up? What would that? What would that look like as advice?



I think what I would tell my 25 year old self would be to believe the truth about who God says you are. Because I think that the number one crisis that people have is a crisis of identity. I mean, if you think about, you know, eating disorders, which then affect physical health, and whether that’s eating too much, or too little, or whatever, eating the wrong things, you know, other people abuse themselves with their fork, you know, what they eat. A lot of that comes from emotional, hurt, emotional, you know, issues that ultimately come down to a lack of understanding of who they are. If you think about, you know, a lot of the anger issues or depression or you know, which depression is often just repressed anger, a lot of that comes out of feeling like you’re a victim and feeling like you’re not powerful. And, again, a lie about who you are. You know, if you think about some of the issues people have in finances, it comes out of her lack of self worth, you’re talking about women don’t value themselves often. And that’s so true. And so, I would love to communicate truth to my 25 year old self and say, This is who you are, believe it, grab hold of it, it will absolutely transform your life. I mean, Jesus Himself said, The truth will set you free. And so I think that there’s, you know, really power in that.



I love that. It’s that was actually one of our lessons. Right now. We’re doing a really cool kind of science and health unit with our kids in homeschool right now. And they’re one part that we were working through was their memory verse of you were fearfully and wonderfully, wonderfully and fearfully, whatever, which direction it goes, fearfully and wonderfully made. And we were breaking that down. And I was like, Listen, what’s the fearfully part? You were fearfully and wonderfully made? You shouldn’t be considered awesome, right? People, God is in awe of what he created. So don’t doubt that don’t doubt how you were created what you were created for. And I think that comes to our purpose, right? I think a lot of that comes to that mindset, like you’re talking about. And there’s so much to that there’s so much healing that has to happen inside of us. But some of it I know, I’ve learned over the years. And I tell me if you agree or disagree is, mindset is a big part of it. But I think some of it’s just action on our part, just walking it out and stepping out like you left a job, a very lucrative job, not for something to change into. But for the unknown. And, you know, both you and I work with, with lots of women who decide to either step out of the home again, or work within the home and still be you know, work as a mom at home and as an entrepreneur at home. And we also know many women that will step into the unknown, because they don’t know financially if they can start a new job or a new business. So I think it’s really important that we have that, like you said, that idea, that sense of awesome about ourselves and that wonder about how we were created to be more and to do more and to, I think just live our full purpose. Yeah. Yeah.



I mean, I think we’re exactly what you said, you know, faith without deeds is dead. So you could have faith and believe in who you are and what you are, but without action, there’s no use to your faith. I mean, what’s the sense of believing something and then not acting on it? I mean, great power comes when you act on that. And sometimes the acting on it is just like when you just barely grasp the truth. I mean, some people Really want to be? I want to be super solid in belief and a no. And then I will. But the thing is you don’t get that super solid and believe until you start acting on it. So it’s a little bit of a catch 22. Right? The more you act on that little tiny bit of faith, the more grows and so yeah, I totally believe that.



What would you What would you say is a good first step or a good action step. So to some of the moms who are listening to this right now maybe are feeling very overwhelmed with life at the moment or stressed? What would be an actionable step that they could take right now,



to deal with stress?



Does it just to maybe move forward? Right? Sometimes it just feels like you’ve been stuck, or you’re not making any progress on yourself, right? Because you’re putting out to everyone else for so long, every day all day. 24. Seven, you’re making sure your kids are accomplishing their best. And, you know, you’re making sure your spouse is taken care of. And your home is the best whatever that looks like for you. Yeah, but what about us? So what would be something you could say? And maybe I’m putting on the spot, but it’s good. I know, you’ve got such good wisdom on this, what would be something that they could maybe actually do to say, I’m going to take even just a baby step right now? What would that look like?



Well, it may not be what people were expecting me to say. But what comes to my mind immediately is they can start going on the journey of forgiveness. And I know that that seems like like, well, what’s that gonna do, but you would be amazed. I mean, like I told you a little bit about my story. My dad was a Pam, my mom was an alcoholic, and she lived with a boyfriend who is sexually abusive to me. And so I had a lot of forgiving to do, and a lot of hurt, that I had to work through a lot of betrayal, a lot of abandonment issues. But I couldn’t start believing the truth about who I was, and start walking in all that God made me to be until I let go of what other people had done to me because forgiveness isn’t about the other person, even though it is the I mean, sure that releases something good over their life, but it’s really about you getting free of needing somebody else to validate you. Because when when I’m looking to my mom, or my dad or my teacher, or that that ex boyfriend or that friend, and I’m not forgiving them, what I’m doing is continually waiting, waiting, it’s like a Wi Fi signal looking to connect, you know, waiting, waiting, waiting for that person to give me what I’m wanting, they often never will. So release that cut out the Wi Fi off, and move forward without having to have a repayment, you know, like forgiveness is the idea of letting go of a debt. If you’re letting they did owe you something, they really do owe you something, but you’re going to release that debt, because you know that what’s ahead is worth far more. So counterintuitive, but that’s where I’d say to start.



No, that makes complete sense. I love that you said that. That’s important. And I I’ve experienced that in my own life. Because at the end of the day, I use the example with my kids, sometimes when they’re fighting, they fight all the time.






Like, I thought it was just my sister and I that did this earlier. It’s actually a sibling thing. And I but I remember saying to them the one day they were fighting all day long, and I was just fed up. And I remember saying to them, if you can’t forgive or let go, then it’s like walk around with a handful of razor blades, you’re just literally holding on to things that are hurting you for No, that’s not hurting your sister that you’re holding this grudge. It’s not hurting them at all. They’re just getting on with life, right? They don’t know what they owe you even though they do something. But I love that you said that because at the end of the day, it’s our job to open our hand up, you know, and a spiritual sense. We have an amazing God who can take those out and heal that. There may be scars left. But it will be part of our story and and part of our journey. But yeah, forgiveness 100% I can completely see that being stepped on. And it’s a big step. For some, for others. It might be a smaller step might be a little easier. Maybe you don’t have as many things, you know, in there holding you back. But when you do kind of step into that part of the journey first. Wow. It’s very freeing.



Yeah. I think part of the reason why people don’t want to forgive him This was my journey is that it was almost like, well, if I forgive, then I’m saying that what they did was okay, yeah. And people need to understand No, that’s not that’s not the case. You’re not saying that what they did is okay, you’re saying you did wrong, and you really owe me something, but I’m going to choose to let it go. And I think that even just knowing that little bit creates the freedom where people can then say, Okay, yeah, I can do that as long as you wanted you know what’s wrong? And maybe that person will never acknowledge is wrong, but you know, before God, you know, that that it’s clear. Right? And so



I love it. Is there any and I know we’ve done some things like this in our trainings and different things we’ve done for mindset, but is there any, like practical steps we can use for that for you know, just releasing,



releasing? Yeah. So I think part of it is just forgiving the other person forgiving yourself. Sometimes you need to forgive God, even though God doesn’t do wrong. we misunderstand. You know, like Why didn’t you rescue me? Why didn’t you step in? Why didn’t you do something and we need to release our judgments of God in that case. But I would say the practical step is to literally write out a letter, I did this to my mom, B. And I wrote out a letter, and I actually read the letter to her. And she didn’t really say much about it. But I knew that it was important that I did it. I wrote her letter and I forgave her. But I also asked her forgiveness, because, you know, sometimes we judge our parents, and we think, you know, they did this, they did that. But we were jerks to ask for forgiveness for that. And so it’s important to do that. So write a letter. That’s a simple way to start.



I love that. Yeah. Very, very true. Sometimes it’s just putting the words down. Yeah, release a flood sometimes do, right? That’s amazing.



And if I could just add one little thing is like, we often go through the process of forgiveness. And we think, oh, but I still feel like I still feel foolish and get the little tingles when the person walks in the room, you think it’s not done? Part of the reason why that happens is maybe forgiveness is kind of a journey, not just a one time thing, which is a possibility. But the other thing is, sometimes we just need to release that person’s from our judgments. So I forgive you, but I still think that you’re a jerk, you know, I forgive you. But I still think that you’re evil. And we need to kind of just release people from our judgments. Because you know, judgments that come back to haunt us, you reap what you sow. And so you just want to break off judgments, which is another practical step. And you literally just say out loud, I break off my judgment that, you know, so and so is a jerk.



And you say it many times in a day.



So true,



when you’re an entrepreneur.



Yeah. Leading 1000s of women.


I’d say I’d say the industry we are in to the business we run as both of us is probably the biggest growth vehicle you could ever be in right for personal growth and for learning how to just be a better person. You either deal with your stuff before or after, but you deal with it. Every person you meet is going to be a mirror in some way that you need to face. Oh, I’ve learned that one.



Yeah, if you don’t forgive your mom, you’re going to meet her 40.



Or marry her?



Or marry her?



Yeah, you’re gonna marry her dad, you might marry your mom. I’ve learned this. Oh, I love it. Okay, so share with us a little bit about what you’re doing with how you’re coaching this and how you’re teaching this because I I’m excited about what you have.


Yeah, I’m really thrilled actually. Because, you know, I feel like everybody has a message. And I always had, like, things that I knew that I wanted to teach people. But when I finally sat down to write the life more abundantly course, after I was done, it’s not like that was everything I’m ever gonna say in my life. But it was like, Yes, this is this is the message. And basically my courses based off of john 1010, as I reflected on my life, and I said, you know, like, why is it that I live in such a, you know, incredible place when other people get worse as they get older? What came to me right away was john, Jesus’s words and john 1010 word, Jesus says, The thief comes to steal, and to kill and to destroy, but I have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly. And so I realized, actually, that’s God’s intention for us is abundance in every area of our lives. And then when we look at Psalm 23, you get to see more glimpses of that, you know, being led beside the quiet waters, he was storing our soul, you know, goodness and mercy following all the days of my life. And so there’s this incredible picture of abundance that is painted for us. And it’s like here, this is what you’re meant to live in. And so what I did is I went through four critical aspects of health, physical health, emotional health, financial, health, and spiritual health. And then I said, out of those four aspects of health, there are individual things that we need to look at. And so for physical health, we look at food, what are you eating? No fitness, how are you moving your body? pharmacology? What are you using to deal with you yourself when you’re sick and your physical appearance? And yes, they all start with F, I’m apologizing.



I love it.



What can I say?


It’s broken down into 10 lessons, 10 weeks. And really, the way that works is I’m a big fan of Beth Moore. I love Beth Moore Bible studies, and so works very similarly that you watch one video, and then you do five days of homework to kind of really flesh out what you’ve been learning about that particular area. And so it’s a Bible study, but it’s also you know, learning about nutrition and it’s also learning about finances, and it’s also learning about the products that you can use to support yourself along the way. So it’s kind of like a never done before kind of thing and it was risky. I thought I don’t see any model of this anywhere out there. But I’ve But it’s me. And so it’s like it’s going to be unique because it’s coming from me.



Absolutely and



are your vision Your voice is, like you said, it’s unique. It’s something that you are passionate about. And I love, I love everything you’re talking about. It’s one of those things that we as health educators are teaching about the whole, like you said, the holistic approach. But I find where as, especially in Western society, we are so slow to be on the uptake of that, right, we’re very reactive, as opposed to, you know, pro in our health, in our spiritual health, in our financial health, all of those things, we tend to just react to situations, deal with them as they come up. As opposed to going Hang on, I can actually dive in here and take a look at all of this and just make the tweaks that I need to as we go along. And it does open doors, when you do that it opens, the



floodgates of heaven will open but it also opens the doors of abundance. And I I’m excited that you’re doing this with people so that they have that opportunity to learn it and grow in it and take those practical steps because it sounds like a lot of what you’re doing is practical, super practical. Yeah. And you know, a part of the reason why people let things happen to them, and they don’t, you know, take the bull by the horn, so to speak, is because they feel overwhelmed. And so as you as you take this course, and sometimes when you look at it, it’s like wow, all of these areas, but one of the things that I coach you to do through the course is to say focus on one, because there’s a wheel that you fill in to find out what areas should you be focusing on primarily, and then you can come back to the others, right, but don’t be overwhelmed. Because here’s the thing, as you lift in one area, all the others naturally lift, you know, as your financial health gets better, while your mental health and your physical health probably gets better. And as your physical health gets better, well, you’re probably more likely to take care of your, your body in other ways. And I saw you and your emotions and other ways, you know, so it all kind of works together. It’s this beautiful Symphony.



I love that. Okay, so give us the breakdown. Just real quick, what are what are the steps for doing this? Is it you register? you hop on to emails? What is it? How do you break that down? How do you do it?



So my course is on a platform called teachable. So when people register for teachable, they get access to all the materials and so they would click on week one, for example. And they would watch video for week one. And then the next five days of homework are all PDFs. But for the first time I finally have a printed book and beautiful full color quality paper people are gonna love it because I love sitting down doing my work in a book. And you know, as much as I wanted to make it accessible having PDFs online, it’s so much better to have a physical book and way cheaper. I found out. I actually printed off all of the PDFs. It was $260 Oh



my God, that’s printed off an entire homeschool unit thinking I was being really smart and buying the digital version. Yeah. 200 and some dollars at Staples to have. Like $50, I could have bought the book I know.



And when I realized that the first time I printed it off, I was like, Oh gosh, I really have to get on this and make sure I have a printed copy available. And pretty much what I do is I make the the when people buy the course they can actually get the book pretty much for free. They just got to pay for shipping and handling. That’s amazing. I know. So then it’s way way better to get it that way. So



yeah, I feel good to have a printed book though. I remember folding mine holding mine in my hands for the first time and I went I can’t believe we did this. On there’s color and I saw yours. It looks gorgeous. I snuck a peek. You’re allowed. You’re allowed. I love that. Okay, that’s exciting. So the best part one thing I love about teachable is, like you said, if you feel like your life is a bit overwhelmed at that moment, and this is what I like about it because I do I have to schedule in my my self development time, my own time to work on me. And I love that you can just pick and go, Okay, I’m digging into lesson one here and take your time, spend some time in it. And maybe you’ll get through a few and you’re like, Okay, those were, yeah, I can kind of check those off. Those were good. I got it. And then you might hit one where you go, Oh, I may hit that point where you go, oh, there’s a little light bulb going off here. And I might need to sit in this one a little longer and do a little more work in here. What What would you say to people when they’re as they’re going through that if there’s those moments that maybe are painful? Or maybe you’re hitting sore spots? Or maybe they’re like, I’m gonna just I don’t think I can do any more of this. What? Because I’ve had that happen. That’s why I’m asking.



Yeah, I actually had the exact same thing happened when you mentioning that I remember reading a book and I was doing great. It was all about journaling. And it was all about doing a prayer journal until I got to the section of forgiveness. And it told me that I needed to like write out this letter of forgiveness. That’s I told you I did it with my mom. Do you know that I put that book down for three months? Yeah, I couldn’t. I couldn’t look at it. I couldn’t think about it. And then finally I got to a place where I felt safe and then I wrote the letter so I don’t recommend leaving it for three months because really, I wasted Three months of my life when I could have gone, right. But I would just say, if you’re getting to that place, do a couple of things. First of all, put it aside for the time, right? Because if too much emotions coming up, then you want to make sure that you’re respecting that your body is telling you that you need a little bit of grace, you need a little bit of space, do something that will bring joy to your soul, like, go swimming, for me, that’s what I would do. Go into the hot tub, have somebody pray for you about it, you know, don’t try to go through a scary spot alone. But then also remember, I mean, you know, Jesus said, and some 23 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. So there are those valleys that feel very death, like they feel very dark, but remember that, that he’s with you the whole time. So you know, grab a friend to go with you, you know, grab, grab the hand of God to go through it with you, and then just know that it will pass. But one step at a time is still step. I mean, like, you know, moving slowly, is still moving. So make that progress, slowly work through it, do get it done, get support, you know, call a friend, whatever you need to do, but keep moving through. And the good thing is that the course you get lifetime access to so it’s not like oh, guys, I have to get this all done in a week. Like, that’s not the point of it. And you may do it at one level, and then go back to it a month later and do it in more deep level. Right. So that’s the beauty of it, you don’t have to rush.



I love that. That’s actually what I did with a program recently, that got relaunched. And it was we were kind of in the test group. And it was intense and incredible and life changing. But I was so I was just so deep into it at the time that I almost wanted to go through it again and just catch the extras, you know, and you’re like, there’s stuff that I didn’t catch, because I was so focused on me at that moment, or what I was dealing with. So I like that I love that we have access and that you can go back in and be like that section, I think I need to hear that again. Right or, or there’s an area in my life that isn’t feeling very abundant right now, or, you know, things are not working as they should, maybe there’s something that I can look at again, yeah. And


I actually designed the course that it could be done at two levels. So at the very beginning, you choose if you want to go level one or level two. And so level one, going through all the content and looking at certain questions. And then level two is going through, you know, even what I have like a dig deeper section, more content, where you maybe do some research where you do more activities to help you really chew through the material. So you can kind of you know, choose your own adventure and go through it at a higher level or at a more deep level depending on where you’re at. And you could change that by chapter. So maybe there’s one chapter you really want to go deep on, and the other one’s more high level.



Got it? That is really awesome. Great options. I love that. All right, I think that is something that everybody needs to check out. To be honest, I can’t think of anyone who shouldn’t check that out. And you know, really dig in and take a peek at it. We’re gonna make sure all your links are up at the end of the episodes where people can jump in and see that, and thank you so much. This is I could talk to you forever. I mean, we’re I think we could just go on and on. I know, I know, we could get into other topics and maybe we will in the future some other important things that we can dig a little deeper into. But thank you. I appreciate your time and I look forward to hearing more about how this course is going and you can keep us updated. But in the meantime, make sure check out the links check out everything that’s happening with Kimberly and her abundance program. And if you have any further questions for her, I’m sure Wes will put her contact info you can always get in touch with her as well.



Thank you be here. Thanks so much Holly



will talk to you soon. Put my papers over the button.