Top 3 Reasons Hormone Optimization is Critical

with Dr. Mariza Snyder



There we go. Okay, we’re all set. So welcome to our mom days broadcast. And this is a topic I am excited about. I’ve actually put on my Wonder Woman earrings I’m all about because we are hitting hormones and hormone chat and mamas. We need to hear about this at any age and stage to be honest. And as my nine year old likes to call them, horrormones, so, so good.



I was looking at your earrings, and I was trying to figure out what they were. And I’m so glad you pointed them out because I was amazing. My



sister in law makes these oh my gosh, no, I know a little shout out for uhm, a by Miriam she does the most gorgeous diffuser jewelry, but



beautiful. I love it.



Oh, I have the pleasure of having my friend and the most beautiful, wise woman I’ve ever met when it comes to hormones. And are you just caring about women’s health is something that I’m passionate about, obviously, at various stages, but you’ve got it covered as well in a much more in depth experts kind of way. So let me introduce Dr. Maria Snyder and she is a functional practitioner, women’s health expert. And definitely someone is my go to with her books. I think you’ve authored seven books.



Is that soon to be a



soon to be eight



in April.



I’ve got one and I know hard. Girl one is






When you get one done, it’s kind of like I don’t know, do I want more children?



Exactly. Yeah. I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday. She’s got two boys. And she just got her book out. And she’s actually in in Canada as well. Dr. Stephanie aseema. And she’s calling it like her daughter. And I was like it’s so it’s so perfectly fitting because that just have a daughter, you know, and she’s just like, this is my daughter. She’s like showing it you know this like you know you do? I love it.



That is exactly it is a birthing process. Yes. That’s totally what it is. And you are a new Mama. Right?


Yeah, he’s, he’s almost like he’s 11 weeks today. 11 weeks today. So yeah, so birthing birthing two babies at once.



Yep, yes. I remember doing that with my youngest. Yes, it was business goals at the same time as having a baby. And I think I was in the middle of Diamond Club for the first time ever, all kinds of fun, but yeah, it was, it was a little stressful. So let’s jump into it. Because I know there’s lots that we can talk about this. Yeah, we’ll probably talk more I know we will in the future cuz I love chatting with you about this stuff. But we like as women, I think we really the joke aside about it being hormones, we kind of approach that part of our body either with a bit of mystery. Like, it’s just some thing that happens chemically in my body, I have no control over. Or it’s something that we really dread. And maybe, right maybe it’s both of those things, or you’ve heard from your doctor or health care provider at some point that you’re this or you’re that or you need this or that and it leaves I know at least left me as I head into perimenopause years, it left me feeling really confused about but I feel great and everything seems normal. But there’s a few things starting to shift. What can I expect? So I kind of want to know from you from your story a little bit what led you to this? What makes you passionate about this topic?



Mm hmm. Well, like so many women, probably every woman I’ve ever met, you know, I started having period issues when I was very young, and had no idea what you know, I just didn’t it wasn’t on my radar to pay attention to I grew up I did this is maybe just an aside, but I grew up Catholic. And it was like the monthly sin.



Yeah, it does have an impact. Yeah,



it totally, especially for my grant, my mother’s mother. And so for me, it was just something I dreaded. I got migraines, I had terrible mood swings and symptoms, and, you know, you go to your doctor and they’re just I remembered this doctor saying I could take this away. I could take this away for three months. And I was like, semi up. And I was in college and and so I was on the DEP Aveiro shot, which is horrific shot to be on it just definitely I do not ever recommend it. And I remember coming off of it after because the symptoms were so much worse. And I came off of that about a year in and it took a year to get my period back and and when it came back, guess what, nothing changed. It wasn’t any better. And it wasn’t until I would say many many I would say like seven years later at the same time. I was having period issues and I didn’t know why. I was also running like a cheetah into my future, as so many people do in my 20s and I was very much in survival mode. I was addicted to stress addicted Coffee and peanut m&ms and anything that could get me through the day. And I just and I, my mom was that way my mom was in survival mode. She was hustling handling business. And so I was like, this is just how it is. And every time I ask people like, is am I supposed to feel this way I had been putting on weight, I was exhausted by three o’clock in the afternoon, I just felt pretty crummy. My periods were pretty awful. And my mom’s like, yeah, suck it up, Buttercup, like this is this is the woman’s life. And I was like, Okay, all right, well, then I’m just gonna keep charging on until I charged right into massive chronic fatigue at the age of 30. And I remember I was in practice, I was seeing women with similar issues, but issues like symptoms all over the place, and doctors not knowing what was going on. And it all it all kind of looked like how I was feeling and how I, my body was responding and, and I remember going to a doctor, you know, just an OB GYN, someone who specialized in hormones, but did run my hormones, a lot of doctors won’t do it, they’ll tell you that they’re not necessary. They’re just like, it doesn’t matter. And it really it does matter. So she ran the hormones, and sure enough, everything was off, everything was completely whacked out. Because our hormones are interconnected. They’re literally communicating with one another. So when one goes off the rails, it’s usually taking the gang of them with it. And so she’s like, yeah,



you’re a hot mess. I’m



like, Yeah, I’ve been knowing, validating that.



Feeling. When I tell



you, I was.



And she’s like, here, I got a couple things for you. And I remember I was just like, so excited. I was like, okay, she’s got something for me, like real something. And no, she had birth control. And Xanax is what she had for me. And that was it. She’s like, here you go Miss thing out the door. And I remember just looking at her dumb, like dumbfounded, astounded. And, and just, just, I wouldn’t call it disappointed, more. So just beyond discouraged. I was just, I remember walking out of there. And I was like, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Because this isn’t gonna get me where I want to go, I’m not gonna heal this chronic fatigue with these pills. And I remember sitting in my car and realizing, like, I got to figure this out, I have to, I’m 30 years old, like, this can’t be my trajectory for the next many, many decades of my life. And then I also realized, I’m like, Oh, my gosh, how many women are literally walking into those doors right now, and going to get the same scripts that I just got. And that was that set me on my crusade of like, I have got to figure out not only what’s wrong with me, but also I wanted to be a part of the solution. I knew that this was an issue. I knew women were dealing with this. And I knew that the reaction or the response in the doctor’s office was here’s some pills, or I got nothing for you.



Yeah, or there’s nothing wrong with you. Oh, or better. Yeah.



There’s nothing wrong with you. I don’t know what’s worse, there’s nothing wrong with you. Or you’re simply going to have to live with this for the rest of your life. Like, again, that Buck up kind of mentality. And we get one or the other.



Yep. And it’s Yeah, absolutely. It’s funny because I can so relate to that story in the fact that that’s how it sent me on my path of doing what I did was my first birth and watching how birth happened. and was like, Oh, hold on, not my first person, but the first one I attended. And that sent me on a whole crusade as well. So I can completely appreciate where you’re coming from we you grab onto something and go, I have a there’s got to be a better way. And I have the ability to figure it out. So let’s do something about



especially with birth, especially the whole process. I mean, I if I could just stamp informed consent everywhere.



Ask first please, please,



please, please, don’t patronize me. Yeah.



Well, and it’s the same I think as women in general, it’s something we all fight with our health, right? It’s always that like you said, it’s that kind of top down to have just suck it up. This is how is your maid. And my daughter asked me this all the time. I have two boys in my middle ones a little girl and she we her and I have some very honest conversations because she’s getting she’s nine now. And she’s like, needing to shower. Never cared about before. And the boys aren’t even doing that. Like, I’m like, we’re hormones are happening in the middle here. And the other two sides, nothing’s going on with the boys, right? So she’s like, why do I get stinky some days? And how come I am grumpy? And I’m like, oh, darlin, you know, let’s talk. But I’m very conscientious of, it’s not just Hey, this is how you are. Or you know, and I think that’s important. Like you were talking about from your grandmother, your mom, that wasn’t something that was really talked about. I mean, in my house, I had an older sister and that was such a blessing. Because when not that I couldn’t ask my mom these things. But it just was that topic. It was just like, it’s just



totally I remember when I got my period, I was at the roller skating ring. I was wearing. He was in the he was early 90s 91 I think. And I had my little thing was bunched up, you know, and I had these little cut off jeans shorts, and went to the bathroom in the middle of skating and I probably went Kari was playing or Britney Spears or something, I don’t know, New Kids on the Block. And so yeah, new kids will not Brittany yet. And I was like,



Oh my goodness, I



remember coming home and you know, no, no, no, not to see my mom or anything, but she kind of just threw some pads at me. And there was no conversation. Yeah, you know, and, and so that was very much I know, that’s how her mama treated it. And so there’s so much has changed. And I think about I mean, we I don’t know if we’re going to get into this at all, but how we can leverage our cycle as our unfair advantage, you know, how how much wisdom and and empowerment there is in owning our cycle and owning owning how to leverage it. And so, you know, we it’s very, very different. I’m so glad that we’re really changing the narrative. But even still, you go to your medical office, on average, you’re gonna probably get a lot of the same run of the mill recommendations or nothing. And that’s just because it’s, you know, doctors, and they know what they know. And they’re following protocols. And yes, we would want all of our doctors to go in and look at the most current research and to look at, you know, what’s really going on with our bodies. But they are, they’re slammed and they’ve got protocols to follow. And that’s pretty much what’s going down.



Absolutely. Yeah, they know what they know, I love that. It’s I say that about everything relating to our bodies, right, you’re gonna know, the parts you’ve been trained in. And they’re not all specialists in all areas. So no, that’s fair enough. I would love to know, what are like, in your experience? What are most of the common hormonal imbalances? Is there a root cause to these that you see? Or a few of them? What are some? Yeah,



yeah. So you think about like period problems, let’s just say that’s the thing, right? PMS period problems, but



the thing is,



is it’s not a period problem, per se, it’s, you know, it’s, it’s a that is a messenger that is that is that’s your body saying? Something isn’t right, we got to figure this out. So it’s, it’s your, basically your menstrual cycle. If you’re finding yourself your menstrual cycle is off, your menstrual cycle isn’t off, because it chose to be off, or that it personally those hormones estrogen and progesterone opted to stop working for you. No, no, they always, they’re fine. They’re they’re doing their best to stay on track, despite what must be going on. But there are root causes that are driving that. And so that’s what I think the most heartbreaking thing is, is a doctor’s like, here’s some birth control, which is, by the way, a hormonal contraceptive to stop pregnancy, if in case you’re not trying to get pregnant. That’s all that is. That’s what the purpose of a pill, the problem of hormonal birth control pill is, it’s not going to fix it’s not going to regulate not definitely not gonna get to the root cause right of the reason why the whole slew of other Yes, definitely, in lots of unfortunate side effects, to the pill. Yeah, including gut dysbiosis, including changing brain function, changing moods, I mean, the list goes on and on and on. And so when we’re looking at root causes, we got to kind of step all the way back. And when I see root causes, when I’m looking at women, one of their basically five major areas that I like to focus on our life to kind of dive into one is stress and trauma, stress and trauma, our big trauma really kind of being you know, whether it’s when you’re a child or as an adult, or it happened last week, a lot of the reason why we’re in a state of kind of chronic perceived stress has a lot to do with what had may have happened to us before as well. So just note that I call these two the intangibles, because we really have a hard we can’t measure these. But if you Holly and i, you and I were in the same car, or we’re going to the same place, or we got the same text message from the same person, right? You and I may, we would definitely respond differently to that, based on what had happened to us in the past all of our anything that kind of has led up to us to that moment. And so I think stress is a big one that’s playing a role here.



I throw that in there just because I learned that very quickly when I ended up with with just adrenal fatigue A few years ago, and I realized it was just my body. I used to think my body’s betraying me, it’s letting me down. And the truth is, after a lot of therapy, it wasn’t it was that you’re burying this stuff. And your body’s done with it. It’s like, forget it. I’ve had it. You need to deal with this and it will come back in whatever ways it needs to show you.



Yeah. Oh, absolutely.



It’s so true.



Yeah, yeah. Especially physically, physiologically, it’ll it’ll definitely show back up. It’ll show back up in an autoimmune condition. It’ll show back up in migraines, it’ll show back up in cancer. So yeah, so something just to be mindful. And I know the question, Well, how do I even begin to deal with this and trauma definitely is a big one. You know, you there’s a lot of different there’s, there’s tapping there is you know, yeah, oils can be helpful. I mean, there’s so many different ways to kind of declare Having a great therapist can be helpful. But when it comes to stress a lot of great self care can support oils can help breast can help becoming aware of when you’re getting you’re feeling that stress Come on. There’s there’s a lot of different strategies and techniques for that. And the next is going to be environmental toxins, so heavy metals, you know, xeno, estrogens, any of that. And, you know, it’s so funny as today in my summit with all about environmental toxins and how they impact our hormones, but like you think about all the things that we drink, we eat, we put on our skin, we go out into the world, those are playing a role and there’s a lot that we can do. We can make over a cleaning cabinet we can make over our medicine cabinet we can make over our personal care items. And we could have you know when it comes to free things having our I no one wants to do this right now because there’s blizzards all over but opening your windows, not wearing shoes into the house, and dusting and vacuuming. Often. These are really easy things that we can do to just reduce our exposure, some pretty inexpensive things as house plants, especially for the winter time, my house man alive.



Beautiful plants that my family has given me and they’re like, you can do this.



You can you can. I’ve got a little



little I have one right here, a couple of the little snake plants that was impossible to kill.



I made it.



So you can just put those in every room. Yeah, so we have two or three house plants in every room in the house. I am also a I have a difficult time keeping plants alive. But luckily there are people in my life who can plants alive. So yes. And so there’s a lot of different ways to environmental toxins. I know I’m giving solutions as I go. And then the next one is going to be what am I having a little moment. What toxins heavy metals, my brain so then then we’re talking about like gut issues. So gut issues. So either whether it’s some type of inflamed gut or it’s a dysbiosis, or it’s a CBOE or it’s a leaky gut, I know 80% of adults at this point have some level of leaky gut, right, everything’s a spectrum. You may not have a significant leaky gut, you’ve definitely got some leakage, unfortunately, and, and stress plays a role in that as well. And so that is definitely absolutely linked to our hormones not working properly, especially our menstrual cycle. And then the other one, so I’m like a trauma my you can see my mom brain is on right now.



I gotcha.



Why aren’t I



remembering these things? And then clearly, I mean, we talked I mean mentioned toxins, but also really the food that we’re consuming. And so nutrient deficiencies. So whether, you know, if you’ve got a leaky gut or you’ve got an a situation where your gut microbiome was a little bit off, you’re not going to be able to take in as much nutrients and also you may not just be getting enough nutrients, most women are vitamin D deficient. Even if you’re taking a multi a multivitamin. Yeah, yeah, I want to see 5000 units of vitamin d3 with K one and K two. That’s what it’s gonna take for I



hear you say that. Yeah, I have mine around 4000 and I’m like, Okay,



yeah, no 5000 give most of us especially when we’re living in the US and Canada, we just don’t get enough sun. And it’s it’s weird. And we deplete if you’re feeling any level of stress, or you know that you’re dealing with any of those other stressors, best believe your body is running through supplementation and nutrients very, very fast. The ones that we run through the most are going to be B vitamins, magnesium, vitamin D. Iron is huge for women, most of us are deficient in that. And then the other one that I recommend the other two, usually Selenium is a big one on that list. Because so often our thyroids in a little bit of help and definitely our liver and then the other liver liver, which is very, very little in most supplements, which breaks my heart is Coleen. Coleen is a big one. So your liver absolutely have to have Coleen to function. But your brain also needs the ability to function as well. And if you look at most Maltese it’s very little Coleen in them. And that was huge for me being pregnant, is I was taking a ton of cooling because babies need a lot of cooling for brain development neuro development, so I was supplementing a ton I was amazing during my pregnancy added



on as as its own supplement.



Yeah, yes, I was thinking what I considered to be a solid prenatal, but then I was like, it doesn’t touch a lot of these these particular nutrients for neurological development. I



get on I was fine. Yeah. So that’s good to know. I’ll add that to my list because that’s what I haven’t thought of adding on. That’s brilliant.



Yeah, I had this incredible brain book that I read for babies. Honestly, it scared the crap out of me. I was like,



Oh my god, it



was the first book I read was this brain book because I was like, I should probably focus on the brain. And it was like it was scary but if the whole multiple chapters on all the like, basically, what what how much more you would need than any multivitamin they’d ever seen or any month any free Natal. And so I was I jacked up my supplements big time for Kingston.


Yeah, that’s awesome. Yeah. And that’s the thing is sometimes you don’t know until you look, right. Or wait or until you, you know, somebody else tells you


absolutely, absolutely no prenatals great. It’s just, you know, we Yeah, especially Mama, you know, pregnant mamas, we just, there’s a with a lot, a lot of energy expenditure, you know, and you’re burning through a lot of those things. And so those are the big root causes, I would say it’s, it’s what we’re eating nutrient deficiencies, the toxins in our environment, the stress, and then what’s happening with our gut, those are the big heavy hitters, when I when I look at what could be causing our hormones to become disarrayed, because again, they’re not they’re not doing it on their own accord, it’s oftentimes that they don’t have a precursor, or they’re not able to get to the receptor site, or one hormone steal the other one, like there’s just a lot, and it’s because it’s trying to get by. So you know, there’s just a lot, but those root causes are what’s usually driving a lot of it.



Now, that’s, I mean, those are five big things, right? Like they are not, and I love that you have your summit, and that is like I’ve been eating it up. It’s such good information every time you do one. It’s like, no, I could just absorb it all. But when you’re breaking even if you had to break down each of those things, we’re not gonna do that today. But if you were to just like, for an individual, if I was like, you know, what is one part of that I can pull out and look at right now. Right? I 100%. Yeah. And I found for myself, after working with a natural path, I realized I did have because of the adrenal fatigue, she’s like, you’re you have really seriously got going on. And I’ve always been pretty healthy, I take care of myself, but the stress was really,



literally stress just pokes holes, literally through your your epithelial layer, whether you are eating the best, you’re taking the best probiotics, you’re drinking the best green juices on the market, you’re stretching,



you’re basically wasting your money, because it’s all just going right through like it’s nothing is being absorbed.



Yeah, I mean, hopefully some of it is I mean, he definitely.



But her point was like, we need to heal this up, like for sure.



Like you can’t hear I mean, into the Yeah, into the void.



Yeah. And I found such a beautiful change, when I really pulled that one section of my health out and went, Okay, right now for the next few year. I’m not going to stress too much about the things I can’t control right now. But I am going to work a bit on some of that therapy stuff that I’ve kind of buried away. You know, I know I need to deal with some of those things, work on some forgiveness, right, those things that we leave behind. But yeah, it was just that gut work. And as soon as I started to heal up that intestinal lining, I could feel the balance starting to come back, I could feel everything kind of fell into place. I think that’s the thing with as your hormones are fighting, maybe or are trying to find that pathway. It’s that balancing of how can we figure it out? So like, we were saying how doctors not don’t necessarily, you know, have the right way to direct us? What should we do that? Yeah,



this is the million dollar question, right? Let’s just assume that as a woman, and it says, assume you’re a woman and you’re 30 there’s a good chance there’s some hormone deregulation going on, mainly because those of your hormones are literally rapid firing messages a gajillion times a second, right? And so there’s gonna at some point, be a little bit of a miscommunication to happen. So let’s just say, you know, you’re feeling tired, you’re feeling brain fog, you got a little bit of weight coming on, you’re feeling a little bit irritable, you’re not able to sleep so much. Any any and all of that falls under the umbrella of hormones. And so what do you do first? The Holly, you just you nailed it, right? It’s going to be it’s going to be your gut and your liver. So I see the trifecta is gut liver and stress. And the beautiful thing is, is we can knock out two with one stone. So thank goodness for that. So the first step, and everyone’s gonna be like boring. It’s food is girl it’s, it’s always good. It’s always good and got it you got to bring it out in the super sexy healthy ones. So for me it’s going to be fiber, healthy fats. So fiber, you can get you know, definitely you want it in the form of a lot of greens and lots of veggies color of the rainbow. You can also get a fiber supplement, you know, you can add it to your smoothies I say both. Most of us don’t get an A fiber. Fiber is great for helping healing the gut and great for stabilizing sugar levels great for helping to make sure you prove and supporting your Ester bolam which helps to break down excess estrogen so that your liver isn’t burdened. I mean, fiber is a game changer. We need about 40 grams a day we get about 11





we get like literally a fourth of what we need. Okay, so just fiber. Yeah. Number two is protein. Lots of We especially as we hit our 30s and beyond his Mama’s were just depleted but Mama Mama equals depletion and and not mama also equals abundance and love. Yeah, and fill up, but also you’re running on fumes. You know you are, goodness knows I know I am right now. So protein step with the protein intake, whether it’s plant based or animal based. If you can do animal based, I do recommend, you know, wild caught salmon and wild caught fish. You know, grass fed animals as much as possible. It’s just we assimilate that protein better, and it helps our liver to detoxify our liver needs amino acids to function. So big there, and then healthy fats. So avocado, almonds, again, fatty fish, olive oil in massive abundance. Make sure it’s good olive oil. But yeah, those are that’s, that’s gonna be an honestly, that’s it, that’s all you get. For 21 day, I always recommend like, we get rid of any inflammatory foods for 21 days, focusing on those three big food groups. And it’s amazing how much your gut begins to heal, and your liver begins to function better. That’s the big one. And then if you can supplement with, like I said, just adding having a great multi, making sure you’re taking your omega as adding in a little bit more vitamin D add making sure that you’re taking methylated B vitamins, because I don’t know if you have a methylation issue or not. And I just don’t know, and you don’t know either. So good, good idea to just take a methylated B vitamin complex. It’s got Coleen in it. Um, and making sure that you’re, you’re getting enough iron and you’re getting enough zinc and magnesium, those are gonna be the five like


the five then I actually I’m just before I forget it, somebody asked me because I had shown pictures or done a video and we use a spray for the kids and I with our B, vitamin and our D, that RC actually they’re all sprays and they’re all methylated. And some I was like, oh, but is it as potent? Or is it as absorption wise sprays drops?


Especially for kids. I mean, kids, I


mean, it’s not to say that there aren’t some really great organic gummies out there, but I think a spray is just as good as a gummy. I mean, who’s gonna have kids aren’t gonna take a bunch of horse pills. You know what I’m saying? especially kids. I mean, I think about with our little like our little, my son, we give him the vitamin D drops every single day,



right? Yeah. Um, so,



um, you know,



I’m like, Is there a better or worse? I don’t know. The same thing is you found



like a gummy that you really love. You know, like that does. It’s got good ingredients and a lot of gummies out there. as sexy as they are.



Yeah. Oh, scary. My husband’s in love with his melatonin gummies. Okay, yeah, there’s



gummies out there. Um, and then the last thing is going to be just having like having anywhere getting where you fit in some some distressing self care rituals. That’s really what it comes down to. And honestly, the game changer is just having a great essential oil like lavender or bergamot or whatever, whatever oils you love, maybe have a blend that you love. And you just do, you know, some deep belly breaths for a minute, have a little chime on your phone, where you can do that three to four or five times a day. And you will reset the stress response system, which has a massive, massive complex implication in terms of the cascade of hormones. And so if we can control what’s happening in the pituitary gland, and in the hypothalamus, we can really set the tone for what’s going on. journaling is great. walking outside in nature, maybe not right now is great.



I know. myself do it anyway.



Yeah. And we’re taking a walk with Kingston at the beach today.



I won’t tell you how, what No, no, no, no.



No, on my back deck,



I don’t say nothing. Um, and so yeah, those I mean any of those little ways but just making carving out time for you. Even with me with a three month old, you know, we are I’m I’m making it happen. I’m journaling every day. I’m doing like a five minute meditation every day. One of my favorite, I have the inner balance the the heart coherence technology that you just put on your little finger. You have to buy it, but and I have the app and I just get myself into heart coherence every single day. And as a mom, I think that’s just such a big, big, wonderful thing to do for the family is for me to be in heart coherence. And it takes three to five minutes. And so if you can afford that technology, that’s great. But oils and breathing are phenomenal. And that’s it if you could if you focus on eating healthy, bringing those top five supplements and bringing in 15 minutes of self care a day that focuses on reducing stress levels. You are a different person in three weeks.



Absolutely. And I love that you said 15 minutes because there I mean, we’ve got other millennials who are like, Oh my gosh, I got up a ton hour and a half. I had my coffee and then I sat on the deck. And I’m like, more power to you babe. Like I love that you can live that life. I love it.



But I’m not gonna lie. I’m mourning that life a lot right now. I you know, and I love my super Malik’s hashtags. Number one stunner, like we just think our baby is so cute. And so he’s just he’s soft on the eyes. Yeah. And so and he’s wonderful and I love him but man, I love My my Bentley self care routine in the morning, I like to kick it. And so yeah, no, it’s gone.



It sniffs It really does. And that’s the thing I remember through each baby. Like that would just shift huge. There were weeks where it was like gone. Like, if I got a bath once in the week and could like have a quiet moment, it was heavenly. But I think when we take the idea that it has to be like an hour of meditation and an hour of journaling, like these moms are like, I’m not gonna happen. This is



for me today. Yeah.






30 minute workout in



so I’m super happy. Yeah,



that’s what it could be like I one of my friends who lives on the street, she’s got she’s having her fourth soon, we are getting out for a walk together. Like we were like, hey, she’s like, I see you walking every couple of days. I’ll join you. And I’m like, please, let’s go, you know, we can walk together. So it I mean, we’re literally in four feet of snow. But the roads are clear. So we do that where you actually have to make it happen. You’re right, you have to make it happen. But it could be five minutes, it could be 10 minutes, it could be once the kids are in bed, you do throw some oils in the bath and some Epsom salts, and you go soak for 10 minutes or whatever, let yourself rest. But I think the important thing, like you said, is doing it throughout the day, not just saying I’m gonna do this once a week, or I’m gonna go to the gym twice a week, doing something that’s practical for you once a day, three times a day, four times a day, just like smelling like bergamot. Oh, no. So



that is my life.



We’re talking 30 seconds. And you know, we’ve got you even go Yeah, and honestly, it is non negotiable for our survival. You know, we can only we can I mean, now burnout is finally a medical, you know, a medical diagnosis. And so many people are feeling that. But definitely moms are feeling that more than ever, we have more on our plates than ever before. We’re caring for more people, more community than ever before. And Something’s got to give. Yeah, and something’s gonna give. I don’t care how many green smoothies and green juices and you know how many stuff you try to supplement your way out of chronic stress. It’s just not going to happen. Now. They it will help you



maintain you.



Yeah, good point. And but you’ve given me That’s just it. I know, I know, I know, I’ve been there. And I can’t afford to go back there. You know, because what happens is your chronic fatigue, guess what, it turns into hashimotos. It turns into an autoimmune condition, it turns into low thyroid function. And I’ll be honest with you, we have the summit going right now. And people are asking, well is Dr. Marisa on thyroid medication? And I’m like, Yeah, I am. Because I’ve really messed it up. Yeah. And there’s no going it’s a limitation of matter. Yeah, I’m not gonna get that function back. Am I can I now did I stop the damage? Like, from this point forward? Yes. Is Am I continuing to mess it up? No. But what I what unfortunately did happen requires me to stay on medications. And yeah, I would love to not be on a thyroid med. That would be great. But it’s just, it’s not where I’m at right now. And so I just wanted to just speak into that. And, you know, I wish I knew now when I would have had a dream that I thought I could go, I could that I could live in burnout forever. And, and, you know, and I thought it was just going to be almost like, oh, chronic fatigue I can get I hopefully can get over this. But then it spiraled out of it. Yeah, it spiraled into something else. And I just want to say and I don’t want to scare people, I don’t want to freak anyone out. But it’s just the real story of it for me, you know, and, and I just, I would just wish I would have known if I just would have taken five minutes a couple times a day. I may I probably could have circumvented The bigger the bigger health issue down the road.



No, I appreciate you sharing that that’s that’s super vulnerable. And I know that that’s something especially in our field of expertise is that both of us work in that can can sometimes hit you right where you’re like well you’re on something you’re taking medications it’s there for the purpose we need it for Yeah, absolutely. There’s no shame in that that is like healthy to take care of your body in the way that it’s needing it at that point. But yes, I mean, we did the fertility cleanse program together you were a beautiful guest on my program. And here I am. I you know two years later dealing with infertility for two years going Why didn’t I take care of my stress levels? Three Four years ago, right like I never thought I would be facing this problem because it’s never been a problem. Meanwhile four years in have tried to heal my gut and trying to write find a routine to keep the stress levels down saying no to things clearing out life. Yeah, the things I wish I had known but I think every mom I think all of us you know the mom guilt but all of us have the sort of whatevs you know, I was jokingly tell mama stop shooting on yourself.



I know it’s so true, right? What



you what you know, and you do what you know at the time. So when you do what you know, that’s fine. When you know better you start to do better. And that’s why I love what you’re doing with your book. And with your with the summit’s and all of that seriously like we need this information like we were saying you’re not going to necessarily get this in the traditional



place no so and it’s so crazy oh yeah to to be I was I was definitely concerned about postpartum you know and postpartum perimenopause yeah you know cuz I don’t get postpartum and I’m so grateful that I waited as long as I did 41 with as a new mama first time mama but I’m so grateful that I know what I know now or knew what I’ve done my I’ve done the due diligence I’ve done all the research I’m you know, I teach on this all the time they knew that I had I had like a double double threat, you know, not only is postpartum its own journey, recovery, but also perimenopause is no joke either. And so I was like, how are we gonna, you know, and I was like, okay, there’s anyone who can navigate this with grace, it’s going to be me, I can do this, I know what to do. And I’ve been grateful, you know, at speaking into, you know, my health issues. Oh, and then someone with you know, thank god remission and Haji modos. But I was just like, Oh, I know a lot of women deal with thyroid issues once they once they enter into post postpartum as well. So definitely going to be an interesting situation just to see what happens, how I’m navigating that. But I’m so grateful to you know, the things that I talked about today, the self care making sure I’m eating well, making sure I’m well supplemented. I do other things too. But let’s just say that those are the non negotiables. I’ve been able to eat, I feel like I’ve had a lot of ease and grace, during, during postpartum, and, and just being in perimenopause at the same time. And so I do I do know, that doesn’t have to be super complicated. It’s just about consistency. Amazing.



I love that. Thank you for sharing that personal stuff. And it’s so beautiful to hear. Because that’s what we relate to, right? We need to know what’s working for other people, and how are we doing these things? So I would like to know how they’re gonna find you. And also your next book, I want to know what it’s about.



Yeah. So you know, basically, the book is called the essential oil menopause solution. And so but it also is for women in perimenopause and menopause. So women, basically women, late 30s, and older, it’s a lot of the blood of the things that we see that really kind of go to the surface. When we’re in our mid to late 40s. And 50s, we start to see little bits of that in our late 30s, early 40s. And so that it’s really encompassing for all the for all the ladies, but when I wrote my last one, you know, hormone solution, a lot of women came to me, and they’re flakes in perimenopause and menopause. And they’re like, Is there anything in here for me? And so I knew I needed to speak into that more, more specifically. So I’m really excited about the book. It’ll be coming out very, very soon. It’s available for pre order. It’s on Amazon all over the place right now. And then where you can find me as I have a podcast as well. It’s called essentially you and we dive into the nitty gritty of endometriosis.



Using your car my favorite podcast? Yeah. Oh, no, really, like I learned so much when I listened to it.



Yeah, I just I think it’s so critical that we get the the answers that we’ve been asking for the answers that we’ve been seeking, and then what to do next. I think that those are both so critical. And that’s, I spend hours and hours it’s been a little less hours now that I’ve had the baby. But they was back last year, especially with my solos I was I was spending about seven plus hours for every episode, researching and writing it, making sure it worked, making sure I got to the punchline of what people wanted. And so there’s a lot of love and time and effort that goes into that podcast, you can tell.


Yeah, it comes out. Okay, I love that. So we’ll make sure we have all your links up. Everybody can find you and yeah, get I can’t wait to get the book. So I’m gonna go on Amazon and do the pre order. So thank you so much. Thank






Thank you. This was so much fun to chat with you. It’s always a joy to chat.


Thank you for having me.


You’re welcome. And I know we can do this again. I hope Yes, yes.