The nitty-gritty details surrounding birth and postpartum are often taboo or just not discussed. These conversations need to happen more often and with factual clarity, not laced with fear or trauma. Join us for a frank discussion about what all new moms should know but may not be hearing.

As our narrative unfolds we learn:

  • How to connect with your partner sexually after giving birth, in the timing that works for you. Open and honest communication.
  • Men can experience birth trauma as well. Helping them understand what they may see during birth and allowing them the freedom to stay at moms side instead of seeing baby being delivered.
  • As a mom, we thought what we were doing what was correct, or just didn’t know otherwise, and to later learn better can come with feelings of shame.

My favorite part of the conversation

That first pee or poop after pushing out a baby can be a total mind game! Our insides have shifted and our lower regions feel completely different.


Meet Dawn Calvinisti

Most people who know Dawn realize she’s a jack of all trades. She’s had careers in graphics, cooking, music, administration and homeopathy. Her current career combines a bit of each of these as she leads a team of entrepreneurs in building their own natural health careers and at the same time teaches families how to take control of their health.

When she met Marcello she was absolutely positive she would never, ever, ever want to live in Guatemala. Surprise! After a 2 week visit she knew there was something changing in her heart and the rest happened in stages.

Dawn loves chocolate. Like in an unhealthy way, but tries her best to control it. Chocolate almond ice cream bars are her favourite. But any combo of chocolate, nuts and caramel will do.

She is loving her role of leading others to live a life of freedom whether in health or in finances.

They’re pretty boring, and maybe even messy, but if you would like to read the unedited show transcripts they’re available for you