Do you find yourself struggling with trauma only made more challenging by caring for your little ones? You’re not alone! My guest Christa Bevan and I break down how trauma experienced in your childhood affects the next generation and how to break the cycle. We also explore little t and big T trauma, how the former adds up, and how to feel these big emotions while moderating how they affect our influence on the world.

Christa Shares:

  • How to interpret trauma triggers from your children
  • You shouldn’t feel ashamed for having trauma or triggers
  • Reaction is not inherently problematic, however overreaction often means we have unresolved trauma inside us

Meet Christa Bevan

Christa Bevan is an “expert companion” to other Radical Mothers dedicated to consciously breaking cycles of generational trauma. She’s a certified TREĀ® (tension and trauma releasing exercises) provider and a stress-resilience coach. She is also the host of The Radical Mother Village Podcast. Christa works to educate, support, and inspire people who are ready for radical change in their lives using a combination of heart-centered intuitive practices and neuroscience-backed tools.

They’re pretty boring, and maybe even messy, but if you would like to read the unedited show transcripts they’re available for you